Donington Park Race 2

Second Qualifying was more successful in getting a much better time out of the car even though the track was slower due to hotter temperatures. Like most Qualifying sessions this year it has been very close and Donington Park was no exception, after 25 laps of pushing hard and getting more core tyre temperature I managed to put a time in that was only 0.05 of a second off. I ended up 2nd on the national grid and 12th overall but this time only one grid position behind which gave me the best possible chance of winning the race.

Going into the second race the weather was a lot more unpredictable due to rain clouds moving in and out within minutes. The track had almost dried from the downpour in between races but still was a bit greasy. Getting tyre temperature the whole weekend proved to be extremely crucial and continued so into the second race.

I lined up on the grid and did a dummy start in my mind to prepare myself, selected first gear held the revs slightly lower than normal and as soon as the red light went off I lifted the clutch up and shot down towards the first corner, only issue this time was that more people had better starts which didn’t help me out much.

I didn’t get past leader Gabriel Dias but did closely follow him for a few laps until a safety car came out forcing me back off and weave to keep tyre temperature. The safety car came in and I anticipated this better than others allowing myself a decent slingshot down to the first corner in an attempt to get past but unfortunately I did not succeed round the outside.

The clouds became more dangerous as it started to spit which eventually turned into a lot of rain. The race continued onwards and I knew staying on the circuit would pay big time so after following Gabriel he made a mistake in which I got past and secured my lead pretty quickly. After driving very slowly around the time was up and the flag came out and I managed to bring home another first place.

I must credit Victor Correa in the Lightspeed car for his pace during the greasy wet stage of the race, I don’t mention Victor as much as I should but that chassis showed some real pace in tricky conditions and made my job very hard.

Overall great weekend with two wins and extending my lead to 60 points. I didn’t manage to get fastest lap in either race but managed to win both which is the main thing.

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