Outside racing

Daniel on the pit wall at Paul Ricard HTTT

I enjoy playing golf in which I have gotten down to a handicap of 15. Gym work is a considerable part of my life due to the racing being very physical; remaining fit is essential. Being based down on the south coast and living on the seafront I get the chance to regularly kayak and canoe with the odd occasion of jet skiing. Cycling has become a big part of my life and I have been fortunate enough with very respectable local routes that I time trial on which keeps training interesting.

Other than maintaining my fitness while not on a race weekend, I have over the years built up from scratch a performance tuning business for road cars. Cars being my main love in life I want to remain involved in them even when away from the race circuit. While reselling other manufacturer parts I develop my own range of carbon fibre car accessories that brings in my engineering side to create unique styling for cars. I very much enjoy a challenge and creating a business that is close to my heart ensures me financial support through unpaid series in motorsport so I get to do what I love the most and race cars!

From many years involved in cars I have picked up various skills self-taught which include car professional detailing, competent level of mechanical skills and also engine tuning and mapping. This comes in handy to understand more about the cars I race and the future improvements that could be possible. In the earlier years of my motorsport career I also updated and tweaked my own website before not having enough time to do so on a regular basis. I feel this set me up for recent years where I have written features for car clubs and car magazines.