Blog Category: Race Reports 2010

5 Aug 2010: Spa-Francorchamps Round 6

Ultimately, this is my favourite circuit of all time, nothing else comes close to it. I love the high-speed corners and the rapid chicanes. After my win at Rockingham I was looking forward to getting in another here.

4 Aug 2010: Rockingham Round 5

Rockingham has always had a low-grip surface which is very hard on tyres. I quite like this circuit with a mix of everything as well as being one of the only anti-clockwise circuits. I had a nice result at Hockenheim after which I hoped to progress further and get some more results here.

4 Aug 2010: Hockenheim Round 4

After Magny-Cours I was pretty confident of my pace and looking forward to making up some lost ground. I have always liked the Hockenheim circuit with its relatively high-speed straights and fast, flowing corners. The last time I was here I won one race, and got punted off in the other, so I had mixed thoughts.

28 May 2010: Magny-Cours Round 3

I turned up to Magny-Cours to find the weather was like an English summer, really warm and very pleasant. Fresh from the last race at Silverstone, I had come armed with a few bits of important information that I hoped would help me out.

26 May 2010: Silverstone Arena Round 2

After Oulton Park I came away with decent points on the board after a hard first weekend. Silverstone was the first race for which I had the full updates available on the car and I was looking forward to scoring further points.

29 Apr 2010: Oulton Park Round 1

Returning to Oulton Park this year was a great feeling after such a successful start there during my previous year in F3. I worked hard over the winter break on fitness, preparing myself for a three race weekend, a great opportunity for lots of track time.