Driver coaching

At its heart, coaching is simply about helping a driver find the changes they need to make in order to go faster

At its heart, coaching is simply about helping a driver find the changes they need to make in order to go faster

Driving quickly, safely and with the right mental approach is the most important skill for any ambitious racer – and it’s one that Daniel McKenzie’s 10+ years in motor sport equips him to pass on to you.

Currently racing sports cars across Europe and coaching with Sean Walkinshaw Racing (SWR) in the Formula 4 Championship, Daniel offers coaching and tuition to professional competitors and even to keen enthusiasts.

Being a successful coach means more than just being a quick racer – although Daniel is that too. A good coach also has the ability to identify key points that will help the student improve, and to communicate them clearly.

On the pit wall, watching the drivers' lines

On the pit wall, watching the drivers’ lines

Daniel has been working with professional and novice drivers alike for many years and has the experience to impart advice and guidance on the art of driving.

He said: “Every driver is unique and learns at different rates and requires a specific program individual to them.

“You never stop learning as a driver, and an experienced coach can lend more perspective which will increase your ability to learn and, in turn, get better and more consistent results.”

Daniel can help your driving in many ways, including:

  • Race craft and managing a race distance
  • Race starts and getting down to the first corner in the best way possible
  • Correct techniques for driving different cars (Single seaters, GT sportscars, high and low downforce cars)
  • The right mental approach
  • Driving data and video analysis
  • Cutting lap times down consistently
  • Fitness and nutrition

If you are interested in tuition then get in touch with Daniel for a friendly chat to discuss your needs and to see if he can help you reach your goals.

What others say:

  • “Having a driver coach of the calibre of Daniel has been absolutely invaluable – his circuit knowledge and familiarity has definitely helped our aspiring drivers achieve success.” Mick Gomme, commercial manager at SWR and formerly of Force India F1 Team.
  • “Dan is a very good driver coach and he has helped me massively since we first worked together.” Jordan Albert.
  • “Dan as a driver coach is very intelligent and a perfectionist. I enjoy working with him and have learnt vast amounts.” Nicholas Beer

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Daniel coaching at Snetterton for Formula 4 team SWR-Caterham with drivers Jordan Albert and Fernando Urrutia.