Silverstone Race 2

After finishing second in the first race I wanted a first place to finish the weekend off well, starting second place again put me at a disadvantage but I knew I had good starts off the line so I thought I could get into the lead and stay there after some positive changes made to the car after race one.

After again warming the tyres up to get them at a good temperature I managed to get into first place from another clean get away. I had some traffic from other International cars that did not help me in trying to produce more of a lead back to Gabriel.

After many laps into the race Hywel Lloyd made a move not for position as he is in the International class and succeeded, but due to this surprise move I got pushed out wide and lost some valuable time to Gabriel.

After leading the whole race from first lap Gabriel caught up to me and put a good clean move on me into the chicane complex after the Copse corner, we ended up battling for the next four corners side by side but in the end Gabriel had the inside line and got past me.

I was pretty disappointed but very happy that I have a very good challenger for the title which will only push me on further and help myself get to that next level.

Good race weekend which I enjoyed massively but the outcome wasn’t as I would have hoped. I am now more determined than ever to win and succeed so off to Rockingham next to defend my lead.

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