Rockingham Race 1

After qualifying second in the national class I went into the first race 7 places on the grid behind Gabriel Dias, an immediate disadvantage.

It was a warm day at Rockingham so getting tyre temperature was not as hard to do, the problem was more making sure that the tyres did not get too hot and lose performance before the race had even begun!

I lined up on the grid and after visualising many practice starts in my mind I knew what the best way to get off the line would be, I got a great clean getaway in record time only to be squeezed nearly onto the grass down the straight leading to the first corner.

Amongst the mayhem going on into the first corner the main thing on my mind was to keep out of trouble and to finish the race. After the first lap on the main straight I saw Gabriel Dias (my closest competitor) behind me – to my surprise I had managed to get past him off the start and in the madness I didn’t see where his car was so had a surprise that worked in my favour.

Down into the first corner there were waved yellow flags to indicate that there was a accident (from the previous first lap carnage). Gabriel decided to make a move into the first corner where the waved yellow flags were which is not allowed, after following Gabriel around until the star finish line I saw a drive though penalty for him which certainly helped me in my way to the finish.

After leading the race and keeping out of trouble I came across the line to take my third win this year. Great result helped by the unfortunate drive though penalty to Gabriel.

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